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Does your central heating, boiler and radiators need a powerflush? Read on to find out.

Powerflushing can help your whole heating system function more effectively and help keep your bills down too.

Here are the common signs your system need a power flush:

  • Your radiators are patchy
    Radiators are cold because there’s dirty water stuck in them and they’ve got clogged up. This makes them struggle to do their job: keeping you warm. If this is happening then your heating system will be using a lot more energy trying to heat your home.

    A power flush will push all the old water out of your system and leave your radiators clean on the inside and nice and warm on the outside.
A powerflush will stop your radiators feeling cold
  • Your boiler cuts out or makes a banging noise
    When your boiler starts making a worrying banging noise, we call this kettling. The banging happens because corrosion debris, limescale and rust is blocking and damaging a part in your boiler called a heat exchanger.

    Blockages like this reduce the efficiency of your boiler and can make your boiler overheat and cut out. A power flush will give your boiler a thorough clean and take away all the deposits, allowing it to run at full power with no banging or cutting out.
  • Your hot water is unreliable
    Your water might be running hot and cold when you don’t want it to because of limescale build up in your boiler. This build up of debris occurs in a combi boiler’s heat exchanger, reducing the flow of hot water through your system.

    If this problem is left too long then your heat exchanger might need to be replaced. A power flush will get rid of the build up and you’ll avoid more expensive repairs later down the road.
  • Your radiators are stone cold
    If your radiators are totally cold, even if you’ve turned your central heating on then corrosion debris may be causing a blockage in the pipes running from your boiler to the radiators.

    The sooner your system is power flushed the better. If left these blockages can become permanent and will need to be cut out which can be costly.

Boilers 24-7 offer powerflushing services in West Kent and East Sussex. Contact us for further information and to book a quote with no obligation.